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·        Advanced Food and Hygiene Course
(BSP Accredited)

·        Basic Food Hygiene Course
(BSP Accredited)

·        Substance Abuse

·        Basic First Aid Training Course
(BSP Master File Course - BSP Accredited)

·        Introduction to Ergonomics

·        Noise Control and Hearing Conservation

·        The Safe (and Healthy) Working Office


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·        Managing and Supervising Health and Safety

·        Hazard Management

·        Safety Representative Course

·        Supervising Safety Workshop

·        Safety Handling of Octel Products at Refineries

·        Supervising Safety Skills / Accident Investigation Course

·        Basic Safety Training for the Construction Industry Personnel

·        Introduction to Safety Management in the Construction Industry

·        Offshore Mooring of Boats Using Basic Rope Techniques and Rescue Procedures (Abseil Techniques – BSP Accredited)

·        Working Aloft with Safety

·        Systematic Management of Occupational Health and Safety

·        Safe Behavior Involvement

·        S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness for Everyone)

·        Chainsaw Safety (BSP Accredited)

·        Scaffolding Safety for Worksite Supervisors
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Asbestos Handling (BSP Accredited)

·        Hazard Control (Level 1 – For Supervisors)

·        Hazard Control (Level 2 – For Management)

·        HS&E Supervision Certificate

·        Job Safety Analysis

·        Swimming Proficiency Course
(BSP Accredited)

·        Emergency Training

·        Grit Blasting and Spray Painting:

                                         i.      HS&E Quality Training Course for Supervisors (BSP Accredited)

·        Grit Blasting and Spray Painting:

                                         i.      HS&E Quality Training Course for Operatives
(BSP Accredited)


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·        Defensive Driving (Safe Driving)
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Driver License Testing Officer

·        Vehicle Assessing Officer

·        Safe Transportation of Octel Products to Refineries
(BSP – Accredited)

·        Transport Supervisor / Management Course

·        Passenger Vehicle Driving Course
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Rigid Vehicle Driving Course
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Articulated Vehicle Driving Course
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Offroad Driving Course (BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Loading and Lasing Course (BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Driving Instructors Training Program

·        Driving School / Instructor Certification and Accreditation Training

·        Other Driving Courses available at ATDC

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·        Safe Operations of Mobile Cranes

·        Offshore Crane Operator’s Course
 (BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Lifting Gear Inspection
(Company Authorized Personnel)
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Overhead Travelling Crane
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Rigging and Slinging
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Forklift Truck Operations
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Lorry Mounted Hiab Operations
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Onshore Crane Operator
(BSP Masterfile Course – BSP Accredited)

·        Lifting Equipment Engineering Course

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·        Supervisory Skills Workshop

·        Presentation Skills

·        Management Skills for Technical Personnel

·        Negotiations Skills Program

·        Basic Management Skills Programme

·        Managing People Effectively

·        Managing Skills for Technical Personnel, Level 1

·        Education Management Programme

·        Management Development Programme

·        Training of Trainers Programme

·        Team Development

·        Time Management

·        Recruitment and Selection Interviewing Skills

·        Coaching Skills Training

·        Performance Management

·        Managing Stress at Work

·        Management / Supervisory Team Development

·        Quality Management System for
ISO 9000 Certification

·        Documenting and Implementing QMS
for ISO 9000 Certification

·        Auditing QMS to ISO Standards

·        Project Scheduling and Control Techniques

·        Effective Teaching Methods and Techniques

·        Thriving in the Third Age –
The Age of Opportunity

·        A Learning Skills Programme for
Mature Aged People

·        Improving Your Company Image

·        Skills for Supervisory Management

·        Service Excellence Programme

·        The Art of Managing People

·        Communication  Skills and Supervisory Skills

·        Supervisory Skills

·        First Line Management Programme

·        Other Management and Development Courses available at ATDC


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·        Basic Water Treatment Course

·        X25 Systems Maintenance

·        Other Technical Courses available at ATDC

·        TAFE Courses